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Q: Will I be orange?
A: Our tanning solution doesn't have orange or brassy coloring in it. The proper amount of solution is applied in order to provide you with a natural looking tan. Exfoliating before you come in to your appointment and evening out any dry areas of skin will help keep your tan even as well. You do not want to have any moisturizer on as having heavily moisturized skin will prevent the tan from absorbing properly and evenly.
Rayless Tan

Q: Do I have to be naked while I'm getting sprayed?
A: No. Women have the option of spraying nude, however it is not required. Keep in mind that whatever you wear while being sprayed will leave a tan line on your skin. Clothing cannot be moved while being sprayed so make sure to wear something that won't interfere with clothing you will be wearing if you are tanning for a special occasion. For example, arrive in a strapless bra if you will be wearing a strapless gown, or wear a thong to avoid panty lines for swimsuits. Men are required to keep covered for any tanning session. Contact us today to learn more about our spray tanning requirements.

Q: How long will my spray tan last?
A: On average your tan should last between 7 and 10 days. The first few days after your spray tan offers you the darkest and most even tan; so ensure to plan accordingly if tanning for a special occasion. You also want to schedule all other appointments (waxing, nail appointments, facials, massages, hair cuts & colors, etc) before your tanning appointment. Your airbrush should be your last appointment in your beauty ritual. Typical spray tans fade evenly, however some light exfoliating in the shower is sometimes needed to even out your color.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I can shower after my tan?
A: With our rapid rinse solution you need to wait 1 - 3 hours before showering.

Q: Will the spray ruin my clothes and sheets?
A: Our tanning spray will typically come out of clothing easily if washed as soon as possible. We suggest arriving in dark loose clothing or sweats in order to limit the visibility of the spray tan if it comes in contact with your clothing. If you will be sleeping with the solution on your skin we suggest you sleep as covered up as possible to avoid rubbing off on your sheets.

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